African regional player anchored in Paris, Casablanca and Caribbean Islands

In view of our geographical specialization, the African region is strategic for us; hence we can not afford short term or opportunistic business relationships. Being in Morocco helped us building proximity with the African insurance & reinsurance markets, which are a reliable alternative when the other markets harden.

Robust reputation

built on 25 plus years’ experience

Our track record has supported a steady growth over years and allowed Seagate Insurance to build a reputable brand name.


to converge & adapt

For each particular project, Seagate Insurance brings together highly qualified professionals from a variety of countries and from a diverse range of industrial and commercial sectors.

Seagate Insurance can draw from its extensive experience acquired from numerous projects around the globe to assist in customer assignments, whether big or small, straightforward or complex.

In this increasingly sophisticated and competitive world, sound management is based on making the right choices.

When there are no absolutely right choices, then the more options that are able to be properly considered, the greater the likelihood of making the most appropriate decision and the best choice.

Professional and friendly team,

culturally close to clients

Beyond the technicality and the understanding of regional contingencies, the teams of Seagate Insurance have developed strong personal and convivial relations with customers.

Hence, we are often asked to assist in matters out of the strict Reinsurance scope such as identifying adequate human resources or assisting in markets intelligence.

Risk Survey Services

Our proximity to major underwriting markets and experiences of major claims grant Seagate Insurance a privileged access to risk survey expertise, be it with international surveyors or risk carriers’ engineers.