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Seagate Insurance was set up in 2016.
Despite its youth, Seagate Insurance is the result of more than 25 years of experience.

Following a long established strategy of vertical integration, Seagate Insurance has become one of the few organizations that embraces the whole range of insurance services, from intermediation to risk consultancy.

Over the years, Seagate Insurance has set up operations throughout the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Africa.

It is a major reinsurance consultant in the emerging countries of Africa.

Rich in experience, Seagate Insurance decided to review its strategy of intensive expansion, in favor of a more focused approach on well-known markets and products, as to leverage its competitive edge.

Hence, the strategic vision of Seagate Insurance is built on two pillars:

A geographical specialization in the Middle East, Africa, Northern and Southern America.

A focus on the reinsurance industry, as an intermediary and risk consultant, depending on the markets contingencies and needs.

Seagate Insurance is the holding company of the brokerage business, with various entities (Caribbean Islands, France, Morocco) operating in the insurance and reinsurance broking.

Fundamental changes are taking place gradually.

Barriers, that historically separated insurance companies from consultants and intermediaries, are being dismantled, Seagate Insurance has executed strategic repositioning plans in order to alleviate its exposure to become more efficient and to be perceived to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Our policy is to be aware of your wishes, requirements and circumstances in the prevailing market, and to be able to act as an assessor of information and interpreter of cultural implications.